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About Dr. Luke


Dr. Luke Sammartino is a paediatrician who has practised in Melbourne for more than 20 years. He offers a complete paediatric service for babies and young children, including immunisations, allergy testing, developmental and behavioural assessments. Everything you need to keep your child happy and healthy.

Dr. Luke has attended the delivery of well over 3,500 babies. He has put his knowledge and advice as a doctor and a parent into his book 'Dr. Luke's Baby Guide'.

Dr. Luke has made a career caring about children and their health. He has capped off his medical training with a doctorate of medicine that investigated paediatric acute bronchiolitis, a children's chest disease. His doctorate, and other research work, has been widely published.  Dr. Luke is married with four children.


Services Offered

  • General Paediatric, Neonatal, Chest, Developmental and Behavioural Assessments (including Autism and ADHD)

  • Skin Prick Allergy Testing for both Adults and Children

  • Immunisations

  • Second Paediatrician on site

  • Emergency Clinic - Rapid Review Service

  • Kids Scan Ultrasound for both Adults and Children

  • GastroFIT (Breath Hydrogen Testing) for both Adults and Children

  • Travel Clinic - Travel Vaccinations & Advice for Adults and Children

Independent Services 

  • Pathology for both Adults and Children (Austin Hospital Pathology)

  • Allied Health Services - Speech Pathologist, Psychologist & Dietitian (independent operators)


Dr. Luke's Baby Guide


Dr. Luke's Baby Guide is the essential primer for new parents who want to understand how to properly care for their babies. Distinguishing between harmless rashes and warning signs to knowing what should go into your baby's mouth and come out the other end. Dr. Luke's Baby Guide is packed with practical advice and handy tips, supported by actual case studies and leavened by Dr. Luke's sometimes eccentric humour. A wealth of illustrations throughout the book helps parents identify conditions - harmless or otherwise - that may be present within their children.

$24.95 + $5 postage and handling

To order: 03 9467 9185

"Finally, a book that has been written by a Paediatrician at the cole-face that answers my baby questions!" 

- New mum Marcelle

Keep the Sleep

by the Mama and the Doc


Written from the heart by a mother of three who has turned broken sleep into blissful slumber and a paediatrician who has attended the birth of more than 4000 babies, Keep the Sleep is an essential guide to babies, sleep and the toddler years.

Featuring a guest foreword by popular mummy blogger Adele Barbaro (aka The Real Mumma), this book is a must-have for new and seasoned parents looking to create a happy household where their child is free to learn, explore and thrive.


$29.95 + $5 postage and handling

To order: 03 9467 9185




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